For over 25 years, RESPEC has been helping clients streamline data sharing and manage accumulated data to better guide management decisions. With more accurate and clean data, clients gain meaningful insight and derive greater value from their enhanced data, which enables better decision making and improves business performance.

RESPEC’s master data management systems (MDMs) are much more than data warehouses; MDMs help clients improve their data quality by identifying critical information and creating a single version of truth. Our MDMs store current and historical data from disparate systems and allow data exchanges across various systems.  One of our most widely used MDM systems,  RESPEC’s Collaborative OnlineArchival Library (COAL), is a customer-centric, consolidated master data management, reporting, and analysis system.  COAL integrates with multiple systems and merges disparate data systems into a single enterprise record.  COAL allows our clients to cleanse and stage data for their modernization projects while minimizing discrepancies and reducing errors. With COAL, our clients have a complete and single view of their customer data so that they can understand, visualize, and analyze the data more effectively. COAL provides an MDM framework that can be used across various industries.