RESPEC has been providing business case development services for our clients since the late 1980’s. Our approach is to work with you to capture the reasoning for initiating a project that involves resourcing or costs. 


Our approach to developing a business case is to work with you to ensure that what we develop is in support of a specific business need that meets your strategic goals and objectives.

In our experience, the process of developing a business case is quite illuminating for our clients.  The process we go through with you will often delve into areas of your business that you might not have looked that closely at before beginning this process.  

Our business cases capture both quantifiable and non-quantifiable characteristics of the project.

A sample outline, which is customized for each project, includes:

  Executive Briefing

  • Recommendation
  • Summary of Results

  Introduction

  • Business Drivers
  • Scope
  • Financial Metrics

  Analysis

  • Assumptions
  • Costs
  • Benefits
  • Risk
  • Strategic Options

  Conclusion, Recommendation, and Next Steps